iPhones are one of the more popular phone brands in today’s crowded device market. Almost every year, a new model attempts to satisfy the demands of the savvy 21st-century consumer. The latest one is the Apple iPhone 14.

It was so popular that over 26 million units were sold in the first two months after its release. However, like every new phone model, it comes with a unique set of problems.

What are the most notorious iPhone 14 problems that consumers are dealing with? And are these problems easy to fix? This guide answers those questions and more.

An Ever-Diminishing Battery Life

One of the main problems with any phone is if it has poor battery life. Let’s face it; you can’t count on always being near an outlet to charge your phone. If you do not own a portable charger, this can create extra challenges. 

With this issue, you first need to do some research and determine how long your phone is expected to last when it comes to battery life. With the iPhone 14, you should get over 15 hours of battery life if you are primarily web browsing. 

This can be shorter depending on how you use your phone. If you are picking up video streams or gaming on your phone, that will drain your battery faster. 

Another thing you need to consider is how many things you download on your phone. Depending on what this is, it could take up more space in your phone. As a result, your battery life may suffer because of it. 

This issue can even be as simple as leaving too many tabs open simultaneously. If you are guilty of doing this, remember to close all your tabs occasionally. 

Battery life is usually a straightforward issue to fix unless your phone is just too old. However, that should not be an issue with a new phone like the iPhone 14. 

If you have battery life issues, look into these issues and adjust your settings, such as your tabs, brightness, data, and more. 

Slow to Load or Slow Browsing Speeds

Another thing you will want to look out for is if your phone has a slow speed. This is especially problematic if it happens with a phone like this because of how new it is.

Some of the issues mentioned above may be the cause of this issue as well.

One of those issues is leaving too many tabs open. When you do this, your phone must keep all of those tabs running simultaneously. Not only does this hurt your battery, but it also hurts the speed your phone takes to focus on other tabs. Let your phone breathe and close tabs that you are not using. 

If that does not work, you may have to look at other potential causes. One could be the signal or Wi-Fi that you have. If you are in an area with a poor signal or Wi-Fi, expect your internet speed to suffer.

Then, there could be potential malware issues. Your data is at risk if a virus accidentally gets into your phone. One of the main signs is if your internet speed suddenly slows down significantly.

You may want to update your software in this situation or show your phone to someone that knows how to tackle anti-virus issues. 


One thing you want to look out for when using a smartphone like this is to ensure it does not overheat. This is especially the case if you are in a hotter part of the country, such as Arizona or Texas. 

In those places, keeping your phone out of the sun may be more difficult. However, there are still things that you can do. 

If this happens to you, a straightforward thing you can do is take the case off of your phone. Depending on the type of case you have, it could be absorbing more heat than your phone can handle.

Another thing that you can do is temporarily turn your phone off to avoid your phone using more power than it needs to. This will allow your phone to breathe and get itself back on track.

However, if this happens consistently, even after you’ve attempted some of the above strategies, you may need to bring your phone in. A professional repair person at an authorized dealer can examine the battery.

Dropping Your Phone and Cracking the Screen

You may be someone that is a bit of a clutz. Or, you could have just been reckless and dropped your phone somewhere it should not have been. 

If you do not get a screen protector for your phone, this can be an even more serious issue. It can make it more challenging to use your phone, and it may permanently damage your touch screen.

In that case, you may want to bring your phone somewhere that can handle an iPhone 14 repair. 

Get Help With Your iPhone 14 Problems Today

These are just some iPhone 14 problems you will likely encounter with this model. Depending on how you use your phone, you could deal with issues with features like battery life and internet speed early into your phone’s time with you.

If you live in a hot climate, you will likely deal with your phone overheating at times. Plus, you may end up dropping your phone and cracking your screen.

Whatever the issue is, bring it to one of our repair shops and get a low-price guarantee.

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