The Truth About iPhone Screen Repair Cost

Apple iPhone sales are skyrocketing, the company is continuing to manufacture over 90 million units for the next few sales cycle. With this amount of product on the market, you are bound to have a few accidents.

When it comes to iPhone screen repair costs, consumers should understand the cost of repairing their iPhone before passing it over to Apple customer service. This short guide will give you the truth about managing iPhone screen repair costs.

iPhone Screen Repair

Before consulting with Apple Care, you can research the different methods of achieving a cheaper cost. There is a wide variety of different costs when it comes to the many iPhone models.

The cost can range from $60 to over $340 if you own a more high-end model. Once you diagnose the problem, you can look into finding methods of repairing it. 

The Apple Store takes into consideration these many different models. For example, on the lower end, the iPhone SE starts at $129. But, on the higher-end, models like iPhone 12 Pro Max are greater starting at $329.

The introduction of the OLED screen is only increasing costs due to its higher quality picture. The traditional screens from the older iPhones models significantly drop the repair fees.

The iPhone SE and iPhones 6, 6S Plus, iPhone & 7s Plus, are among the older models that do not require OLED replacement. In these cases, with the shipment of older items, the screen repair cost can increase. At this point, a complete replacement of the iPhone will most likely come as a recommendation. 

The costs of iPhone repairs in general average $220 total. This is the total taken from data researching the national average. Many individuals drop and break their phones. Each outlet will have prices that differ depending on the model and the other factors.

These prices will also increase if the iPhone model does not contain an Apple Warranty. Stores are also known to reject certain models with a warranty. Apple’s fees experience a significant increase in price if the warranty on their phones is broken.

Screen Replacement Logistics

Before you panic, you must understand that a crack in the screen is not permanent damage. There is a possibility of reversing this damage done to your screen.

Repairing the screen itself can potentially save you money in the long run. Instead of a full-screen replacement, you can repair smaller cracks. Modern technology seeks to create thinner more sleek designs.

This results in newer phone models receiving parts that are glued together rather than using a drill or screwdriver. This can allow for servicing but will require special tools and attention to detail.

Local shops usually possess all of the tools necessary for servicing. This can be a delicate process, which encourages users to seek professional consultation.

The Cost of Shopping Local

Several local iPhone repair shops can give you a professional consultation. These professionals will give you a diagnosis of the issue at hand. With that said, if the diagnosis returns as being more than the actual cost of the phone itself, a replacement is in order.

The time it takes to have a replacement from a local shop can save you a lot of time. The shipping and handling of a mail-in phone repair item along with the return can be lengthy.

The same circumstance can also occur when delivering to a corporate setting like the Apple Care Repair Center. There is a high influx of items daily in the Apple Care inventory. If you need an emergency repair, it will still take a good amount of time if these corporate stores are over-encumbered.

In these cases, it’s more viable to research and find a local shop to consider taking in the repair. They may do same-day replacements if the staff are available. They can also give a more personal customizable approach without skyrocketing the price.

They may also contain materials that other corporate stores do not have available. As Apple Stores do their best to force an upsell of an item or reject the repairs of certain traditional iPhone models.

Price Match & More

Another great perk of local shops is the ability to compare published prices. The local shop may offer the ability to trade in various iPhone models. They can also beat competitor prices.

With certain stores, you can compare receipts and request a price match. This price match will directly compare the price of a local brick-and-mortar shop to their own shop value of $5 or more. But, this will not match special discounts or codes that you apply to a final total.

Apple Store Genius Bar

There are fewer than 300 Apple Care facilities across the nation offering full repair services. Receiving same-day consultation from the Genius Bar is difficult with the amount of daily IT requests.

The time it takes to repair the item, at times, can take over a week. Especially if it’s a phone diagnosis. There are too many phones in line waiting for service. The low-end iPhone models average $30 to $150 per phone. The higher-end phones will average around $270 to $330 in price per phone.

There is a big price difference between iPhone users under Apple Care Coverage. But, out of warranty, the cost of repairing increases. Additional repairs will tack on a higher cost.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

There is a considerable price difference between local units and Apple Store Genius Bars. It’s important to consult with a professional about the iPhone screen repair cost before agreeing to a price.

Compare the prices between a third-party company and Apple’s Genius Bar price models. It’s also important to check if the local seller has favorable reviews to help reinforce your confidence in their repairs.

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5 Signs of iPhone Water Damage and How to Fix It

Did you drop your phone in the toilet or spill juice on it by accident? Did you have to answer a call while it was raining? We’ve all been there. To make matters worse, Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage. The good news is that iPhone water damage isn’t a permanent conundrum.

The first step, however, is to identify when your phone is suffering from water damage. To help you out, here are five clear signs you need to look out for:

1. Check the LCI

One of the most obvious signs of water damage is your iPhone’s Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) color. It should appear silver or white, depending on your iPhone model. It will turn red if your phone has severe water damage and needs immediate repairs.

The location of the LCI depends on the model of your iPhone. Models from the iPhone 5 onwards place the LCI by the SIM card slot. For older models, you’ll find the LCI by the headphone jack. 

Your phone’s LCI is the main indicator of significant water damage. If it hasn’t turned red yet but your phone is already experiencing the other symptoms listed below, take your phone to a repair shop before the damage spreads.

Keep in mind that a red LCI spells doom for your warranty. Apple doesn’t repair phones with a red LCI since it indicates water damage. Despite advertisements claiming it’s a water-resistant device, Apple won’t cover water damages so you’ll have to seek repairs from third-party professionals.

2. Boot Up Issues

How can you tell if your phone is suffering from water damage if the LCI didn’t turn red yet? Fortunately, there are a few other symptoms of water damage to look out for. A common one you might experience is a boot-up error.

A phone with water damage might randomly turn off and on again. When it does, you might see nothing but a blank white screen. It won’t move on from this phase, locking you in a white screen.

Some people refer to this as the White Screen of Death, meaning your phone died and you need to repair and reboot it. The downside is rebooting your phone from this will erase all the data and files saved on it. This is why you should always back up important files on iCloud. 

3. Warning/Error Messages

Dealing with a dropped phone in water doesn’t always lead to immediate problems. You might not even know your phone has water damage because it won’t look problematic. However, you could start getting error messages when doing things that normally work.

For example, you might get an error messaging after plugging in your iPhone to charge. It’ll state that the cable isn’t compatible with your phone even if you’re using an official iPhone charger. 

This can happen even with Bluetooth devices. If the water damage reached your phone’s inner components, it won’t be able to detect and pair with Bluetooth devices. This includes headsets and speakers. 

Did you get an error or warning message after plugging something into your phone’s charger port? If you did, immediately un-sync your iPhone and remove the cable. It’s time to seek professional repair services.

4. Other Ports Stop Working

You might also have a broken iPhone if the other ports break. Modern iPhones have a single USB-C port for charging and connecting headsets. However, if you own an older model, you can still find a separate 3.5mm earphone jack.

If that also fails to read your headset or earphones, it’s likely there’s an internal problem. Of course, it could simply be your earphones. Test whether or not it’s the phone by plugging in different earphones to the 3.5mm port. 

Did all of the earphones fail to work? Do you hear constant static regardless of the earphone inserted? If you experience any of these problems then you could be looking at water damage. 

The best way to make sure is to bring your phone to an expert and have it checked. It could simply be a damaged earphone port or it could be an early symptom of water damage. Taking your phone to an expert repairman guarantees you can catch the problem before it spreads.

5. Water Spots on the Screen

You might not need to open up and repair your phone yet. If your phone got wet from the rain or a spill, you might be able to spot early symptoms of water damage by checking your screen. Spots on the screen are a good indication that water seeped inside.

Spots on your screen come from water droplets that dried from the inside. The dirt and debris caught in the water will remain after the droplets dry off and can settle and damage your screen surface. It doesn’t take much for the damage to become noticeable.

This can happen when your phone gets exposed to rain or when juice and water spill on your phone. The liquid might not have entered the ports but could’ve seeped through the screen and screen protector.

Fortunately, this could mean the damage hasn’t corrupted the internal hardware yet. Therefore, taking your phone to a professional repairman could decrease the chances of your phone completely shutting down.

Repair iPhone Water Damage Today

Dealing with iPhone water damage can seem a little bit of a hassle. After all, you might not even know if your phone has water damage until you see some of the aforementioned symptoms. Make it a habit to check the phone’s LCI and look out for the other symptoms of water damage after taking your phone out in the rain. 

If your phone does show these signs, don’t waste time trying to get Apple to repair the device. The warranty doesn’t cover water damage.

Don’t fret if you don’t know how to fix phone water damage. We’re here to help. Never hesitate to get in touch with us now for professional iPhone repairs and let us get your phone back in shape.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your iPhone Repaired

Are you experiencing problems charging your device? These are only a few of the different problems that require iPhone repairs. Over a billion active iPhones exist in the world. With the brand’s commitment toward quality, they offer warranty for their devices. However, Apple’s warranty isn’t as extensive. They only cover manufacturing defects for one full year to get your iPhone repaired. It starts from the day you purchased your device.

Moreover, the warranty doesn’t cover damages resulting from accidents.

Hence, you have the option to bring your device to a third-party repair shop. If you’re planning to bring your device to a repair center, there are some important things you need to know before doing so.

Continue reading below for five of the most important tips. Read on to get your iPhone repaired:

1. Determine Your iPhone’s Problem

One of the first things to know before getting your iPhone repaired is the nature of the problem. Many common reasons merit a trip to the repair center. Detect and determine the problem of your device.

Sometimes, it’s tricky since some issues overlap and intertwine. At times, the problem can be minor and only needs app or software updates. Identify the issue and troubleshoot before opting for a smartphone repair.

After exhausting all troubleshooting options and it still doesn’t work, check if your device remains under warranty. If so, contact your Apple Support. Otherwise, call a trusted third-party repair center.

2. You Need to Perform a Backup

Back up your smartphone before taking it to the repair center. There are two ways to back up your device. You can do it via iTunes or through iCloud.

If you choose to back up using the former, make sure your MacBook or Mac computer is running on the latest version of iTunes. From there, connect your iPhone to your computer. Open “File” and select “Devices” then click on “Backup.”

In case you’re using the iTunes 10.7 version or an earlier version, right-click the device from the list. From there, select “Backup Now.” Alternatively, you can back up your phone by syncing your iPhone with your Mac computer or MacBook.

To ensure the backup’s completion, open “iTunes Preferences.” Hit the “Devices” tab and look for the name of your iPhone. Check the date and time you created the iTunes backup.

If you want a wireless and automatic method of backing up your phone, an iCloud backup is your best bet. First, verify your iCloud backup to see if it is up-to-date. Go to “Settings,” select “iCloud,” then hit “Storage & Backup.”

From there, check if the iCloud Backup feature is active or not. Select “Back Up Now” to commence the function.

The great thing about this feature is that iCloud will automatically back up your data once enabled.

3. Remove Your SIM Card and Security Locks

Before repairing your iPhone, you must remove the SIM card. As basic as it may seem, some iPhone users overlook this task. To avoid problems, keep your SIM ejector tool in a safe and accessible place.

In case your device has no SIM card, request a temporary suspension of the service from your provider. Also, remove your device from the Apple ID device list.

Moreover, remove the security locks on your iPhone. Disable your pattern lock, PIN, or fingerprint authorization. It will help technicians work on your smartphone faster.

To do this, go to “Settings” and hit “Touch ID & Passcode.” Go to devices without tapping “Touch ID.” Head on to “Settings” and select “Passcode.”

4. The Warranty Conundrum

Another vital aspect is to determine the warranty of the repair service. If you decide to have your iPhone repaired by a third-party center, it will void an active Apple warranty.

If the problem is with the battery, check if the 12-month coverage is still in effect. If so, take advantage of the warranty. If you’re on AppleCare+, it offers up to two years warranty for the battery.

It means you can request a battery replacement free of charge. What if you’re the problem is broken glass? Even if you have AppleCare+, you will still have to shell out a significant amount for a replacement.

If you decide to go the third-party route, the key is to find a repair center that offers low-price guarantees. How does this work? The repair center will match its competitor’s published price for repairs and beat the price by a few bucks.

5. The Track Record of Repair Shops

Last but not least, understand the value of research and due diligence. Before deciding on a third-part repair center, be sure to check their track record. A good place to start is to look for online review websites or through the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How do they deal with their clients? Are they friendly yet maintain a high level of professionalism?

How about their industry experience? Do they repair devices other than smartphones? Also, you want to check the availability of their technicians.

How many customers can they accommodate in a day? A trusted repair center can handle over a hundred clients a day without compromising customer service and the quality of their output.

Lastly, ask about their deals and promos. You want to find an affordable repair center that delivers top-notch services. At the same time, they must fit your budget range.

Get Your iPhone Repaired by an Expert Now!

Now that you know these facts, you can prepare your device before taking it to the repair center. You can make better decisions to help you get the best value for your money. If ever you’re looking for a place to have your iPhone repaired, you came to the right place.

We offer repair services for old and new iPhone models. Connect with us and tell us more about your iPhone-related concerns. Let one of our expert technicians work on your devices, today!

Do You Need a Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement?

Does the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S5 run out quicker than it used to? Does your phone suddenly power off even when everything seems fine?

You may need a new battery.

Find out how to tell if you need a Galaxy S5 battery replacement. Then learn about your options for getting the battery replaced. You’ll have your phone back in top condition before you know it.

How Long Does a Smartphone Battery Last?

A new lithium-ion smartphone battery has a lifespan of around 500 charging cycles under normal conditions. Depending on how often you charge your phone, the battery could last two or three years. However, the battery loses 20-40% of its original capacity after around 300 charging cycles.

Does Battery Drain Mean I Need a Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement?

The Samsung Galaxy battery life is generally quite good. Tests by sites like GSMArena placed the Galaxy S5 among the top flagship smartphones for battery life. If you’re having battery drain issues, you may wonder if the battery is the problem.

Battery drain doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new battery. Software problems are often the issue.

Software Troubleshooting

Rebooting the phone in safe mode is a good way to find out if third-party apps are causing the problem.

Safe mode means that the phone will only let the applications that came with the phone run. If the problem doesn’t happen in safe mode, you should uninstall apps one by one until the source of the problem is gone.

Next, try clearing the cache partition. The system cache is a place in the phone’s memory that stores files that the system needs to load apps efficiently. It often keeps old files after an update, so clearing it regularly can help your phone’s performance.

If Android System is using most of the battery, you should reboot the phone. This should reset any system processes that have stopped correctly managing themselves.

Antivirus apps or third-party task manager apps can also cause problems with battery life. Most people don’t really need them. Uninstalling these apps may improve the battery situation.

Other Possible Issues

Poor mobile network signal or always keeping the WiFi on can drain the battery. So does frequently using the phone as a hotspot or using WiFi Direct.

If you’re still having battery problems, you likely need a new battery.

Other Signs You May Need a New Battery

Battery drain is one of the most obvious signs that your battery is failing. Other problems with your phone’s performance may also be a signal that you need a new battery.

Your phone might be slower to power up or doesn’t charge to 100%. It might shut down unexpectedly even when conditions are normal. If it only stays on while connected to a charger, you almost certainly need a new battery.

If the phone is slower to respond when you tap or apps take longer to launch, these issues can also be related to a failing battery.

When to Replace the Battery Right Away

Some battery issues are a safety hazard and need attention immediately. If the phone heats up while charging or has a swollen battery, it could catch fire or explode.

If you notice either of these issues, turn the phone off and don’t charge it. A swollen battery may cause the phone to feel thicker or to have some distortion on the back of the case.

Lithium-ion batteries have safety measures built into them, so they usually don’t cause damage or injuries. A battery that is overheating or swollen has the potential to be dangerous, though. After powering off the phone, you should have the battery replaced.

Options for Replacing Your Galaxy S5 Battery

For a Galaxy S5 battery replacement, you have two options. You can change the battery yourself or bring the phone to a repair center.

DIY Battery Replacement

Unlike later models of the Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy S5 has a battery that you can replace yourself. First, shut down the phone.

Next, remove the back cover by gently sliding your fingernail into the seam and pulling it off. You can then take out the old battery and put in a new one. Finally, put the cover back on.

Professional Battery Replacement

You may prefer to have an expert replace your battery. You can use a mail-in repair service or a local repair store.

Having your battery replaced by mail is often quite a slow process. Your phone takes several days to get to the repair center. The battery replacement takes a certain amount of time, and then you wait to get the phone back in the mail.

When you use a local repair shop, you can bring your phone to their location right away. They may be able to look your phone over and replace the battery while you wait. You also usually get a lower price with a local, third-party electronics repair service provider.

Getting a New Samsung Galaxy Battery

The choice of which battery you’ll use to replace your old battery is an important one. If you’re replacing your Galaxy S5 battery yourself, you’ll need to buy a new battery first. If you bring your phone for a professional repair, the repair shop will provide the new battery.

In either case, you want to be sure you’re getting a quality battery. You can get Samsung batteries for an exact replacement. This is usually the most expensive option.

Aftermarket brands are generally less expensive. However, you need to verify that you’re getting a high-quality battery.

Working with a reputable local repair shop is an advantage when it comes to choosing a replacement battery. You can find a shop known for using quality parts and rest assured that you’re getting a reliable battery.

Choosing Your Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement Solution

When you need a Galaxy S5 battery replacement, you want your phone back in top working condition as soon as possible. You want to be sure the replacement is done correctly. You want the best value from your new battery.

Fruit Fixed has been repairing smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 since 2011. We have locations throughout the state of Virginia to handle your battery replacement quickly. We only use the highest quality parts, and we give you the most competitive price.

Find your nearest store and get your Samsung Galaxy S5 battery replaced today.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an iPhone Screen Replacement

One out of every three Americans has a crack in their phone screen. When you have cracked or shattered your phone screen, it can be stressful and overwhelming. However, rather than panicking when you have a cracked iPhone screen, you can easily get an iPhone screen replacement!

Keep reading our ultimate guide to learn how to get your iPhone screen replacement. 

Screen Replacement Costs

When you break your phone screen, many things determine the repair cost. First, it has to do with the brand of your phone! The most common brands that need repairing are iPhone, Google, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. The price will differ between each of these brands. 

Another thing that will make the cost vary is who you have replace your screen for you. Generally, if your phone is not under a warranty, the manufacturer will be the more expensive option. Using a company like Fruit Fixed can help you find the cheapest prices!

Screen replacement costs consider many things. First, the cost will need to cover the materials of your screen replacement. Next, you will have to pay for labor costs! This is the money that will go to the technician that is fixing your phone. 

Altogether, these prices can be anywhere from $100 to $300 for a screen replacement. However, many phone repair companies offer free estimates of their repair prices. If you use Fruit Fixed to repair your phone screen, you can get a free and accurate estimate for their phone repair prices depending on the brand and model of your phone. 

iPhone Screen Replacement Process

If your phone is not currently under a manufacturer’s warranty, you will likely need to take it to another professional screen replacement shop. This is the process that they will take to repair your phone screen. 

Assess the Damage

The first thing that a professional screen replacement technician will do is assess the damage to your phone screen. Depending on how badly you cracked it, there may be different levels of severity. For example, you may have a few thin cracks throughout the screen or you could be missing entire chunks of your glass.

Depending on how bad your screen is and how much damage there was to the display, the technician may need to take a few additional steps before repairing it. 

Remove Screws

When they are ready to begin the screen replacement process, the technician will first power off your phone and remove the screws on your phone’s bottom side. This is near the charging port of older phones. 

Removing these two screws is what will allow you to remove the iPhone display. Make sure there is no liquid near you while you do this step. Once the display is off, the waterproof seals will no longer work. 

Tape Over Screen

If your screen is severely broken and cracked, you may need to put tape over the screen to keep the glass from falling out. Make sure the surface of your phone is covered so it will be easier to take the next steps. 

Separate Display

Next, it is time to begin separating the display. Most often, this is done using a suction cup! This is why it is important to put the tape over the screen so you can get proper suction.

When you lift the suction cup, you will have a slight gap between your screen. Once you see this gap, you can insert a small pick to keep it open. 

By sliding this pick around the perimeter of your phone you will loosen the adhesive that is holding your display so tightly to your phone. 

Once the screen is loosened properly, you can open the display of your phone like a book. Be careful that you do not completely separate it at this step, as there are still things connecting your display to your phone. 

Disconnect the Battery

The next step will require you to disconnect the battery from your phone. The battery is held together with 4 screws! Make sure you keep track of each of these screws so you can use them with your new screen. 

Disconnect the Display

The next step your technician will take is to remove the home button and Touch ID sensor. Because there are so many small brackets and easy to break pieces, you must use a professional screen repair service for this. 

Replace Adhesive and New Display

After the technician properly removes your phone display, it is time to replace it! They will replace the adhesive that seals your phone screen and they will fit the new display into your phone. 

Finally, they will make sure that all the cables are connected properly before they screw everything back into place. 

iPhone Screen Replacement Near Me

While this shows the basic process of how professionals replace your phone screen, there are many small details that you need to know before replacing your phone screen. This is why it is vital to utilize a professional company to replace your phone screen!

If you need anything from an iPhone 7 screen replacement to an iPhone X screen replacement, Fruit Fixed can help! We have high-quality replacement parts, professional iPhone screen replacement technicians, and fast turnaround times!

In fact, we can get your phone back to you in one piece in as little as 30 minutes. Contact us today to book an appointment, see our low price guarantee, or learn more about our screen replacement services!

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me: What You Need to Know

The iPhone offers a lot of functionality with the myriad of features that it carries. With a set of components powered by its OS, you can do many things with this small package. However, one of the drawbacks it has is on the battery.

In this case, the battery faces issues that would cause it to have a shorter time holding its charge. This means the iPhone ends up draining faster than it’s supposed to. 

When that happens, you might end up asking this question. “Where do I find an Apple iPhone battery replacement near me?” 

Today, we will look at what you need to know about your iPhone battery issues and what measures to take. This also includes places that you should go to when getting your iPhone repaired.

1. Noting the Warning Signs

A good phone owner must pay attention to hints and symptoms when using their phone. This will help them better identify and address issues, like performance. For instance, you would notice some changes in its performance.

Among these would include shorter battery life. This also ends up with you having to charge the iPhone more often than usual. In other cases, the iPhone would shut down without warning.

These signs would note that the battery gets worn out after repeated uses. In this case, it can retain 80% of its charge capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. You may find it tedious work to count the number of completed cycles your phone finished.

However, there is a way to check the status of your battery’s overall status. You can do this by going to the Settings app and tapping on Battery. From there, check if you can see the Battery Health option.

You would see details about your battery’s maximum capacity and its peak performance capability upon looking at it. You should be able to see details about how worn your battery is.

2. Causes Behind Battery Issues

Short battery life would have a good number of reasons behind it. Aside from your iPhone’s battery health, there might be some unseen factors that slip by unnoticed. 

Apps Running in the Background

You may struggle with battery life if you have too many applications and processes running in the background. These apps eat up the stored charge on your phone. This can include background processes and apps running that you don’t notice but are on. 

You can see this in your iPhone’s Settings app within the Battery option. From there, you should see a list of apps that take up a lot of battery usage.

Once you spot the apps that eat up on your battery, you can quit those apps or have them uninstalled. This should also free up your memory.

Utilities and Connectivity Features

You have other cases where the ones that eat up your battery are the various utilities on your iPhone. One example is the flashlight, which you may turn and leave on by accident. That one provides an easy solution where you can turn it off.

However, some other utilities and features may slip past you. These would be the Connectivity Features on the device, such as Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. These parts are among the ones that can eat up a lot of your battery charge. 

One way to help you save up on battery is to turn these utilities off. This can help conserve the power stored in the device.

Some of these features involve the screen’s brightness. You can dim your screen and use the auto-brightness option to help save up on battery. 

3. How to Fix the iPhone Battery?

This has a couple of approaches that you can take when you encounter such a situation. These solutions would go on either the DIY approach or you would need the help of a professional. Before picking, consider your options and circumstances.

Take Advantage of the Warranty

As your first option, check if you are still within the 12-month warranty that Apple provides. Apple Care+ offers 24 months for its warranty period. If you’re still within warranty, you can get a replacement battery from Apple free of charge.

For this to work, make sure to be within the warranty clause. Take note that your battery retains less than 80 of its original capacity. Once you meet these criteria, you should be able to have the replacement going.

Taking the DIY Approach

The success of this approach depends on how experienced you are. Earlier models of the iPhone provide easier ways to replace the battery in question. This helps with longevity, and even newbie tinkers can take on the task. 

Later models like the iPhone 7, 8, and X lean towards a more complicated setup due to their internal batteries. This makes the battery replacement harder to tackle. One instance would require heating the front screen and removing some internal components.

While doable, taking the DIY approach carries its set of risks. Among these is how it voids your warranty. 

Consult a Repair Specialist

You can also consult a repair specialist about an iPhone battery replacement. They have the necessary tools to replace the battery, and fix damaged components and replace them with new ones. With a specialist, you can be sure of their skill in tinkering and fixing your device.

Is There an Apple iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me?

You might be thinking, “Is there an Apple iPhone Battery Replacement near me?”. If you happen to be within the Virginia Area, we have locations that you can check out for the repair. We also repair various devices such as tablets, computers, and much more.

You can check out our services today to get the services you need and find a store near you. Consider visiting our blog to learn more about device repairs and screen replacement. We’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can.

iPhone Charging Problem: Troubleshooting Tips and Advice

Worldwide, over a billion people are using iPhones. That number might come as somewhat of a shock to you given occasional fringe reports that suggest sagging Apple phone sales. People’s unwillingness to upgrade, however, has no impact on the fact that many are still clinging to their old models. As they do that, their risk of experiencing phone hardware issues creeps upwards. There are several common iPhone hardware issues that your run-of-the-mill device will find itself susceptible to. One of the most common is the dreaded iPhone charging problem.

If you’re plugging your charger into your phone and aren’t able to pull a charge or if your charge is exponentially slow, keep reading to learn how you can troubleshoot your problem!

1. Work With a Stock Charger

Several aftermarket chargers are rated to be compatible with iPhone models. Despite that, if you’re experiencing an iPhone charging problem, we’d recommend switching to a stock Apple charger as you go through your troubleshooting process.

As you may know, aftermarket accessories can be more finicky than OEM accessories. Some of that falls on third-party accessory’s builds while other issues can be caused by your phone rejecting an aftermarket product (even if the product had worked previously).

In the case of rejections, you’ll usually get a “this accessory is not supported” message on your phone. Even if you don’t get that message though, there’s still a possibility that a compatibility issue is torpedoing your charge.

2. Swap Your Charger Out

OEM charger or aftermarket, if you’re not capable of pulling a charge, the first place you’ll want to look is at your charger.

It could be that your cable has become damaged. Your USB-C power adapter could also have issues.

To try and eliminate potential problem sources, try different combinations of cables and adapters to see if you can get your phone to start pulling in power. If no combination you try works, move onto the next step.

3. Change Your Outlet

This one may sound obvious but believe us when we say that plenty of people have spent hours frantically troubleshooting only to find that their wall outlet was faulty. To eliminate that possibility, go to an outlet in a far-away area of your home to try one that may be on a different breaker.

If a different outlet served by a different breaker allows your phone to pull power, you’re looking at a home electricity issue, not an iPhone charging port problem.

4. Try a Computer USB Outlet

If you’ve gone through all of the steps we’ve shared so far, hoping to fix your iPhone problems by charging off of a computer is a long shot. That being said, if you have a computer that’s sporting USB 2.0 ports or above, it’s worth a shot.

Kick your computer out of sleep mode, resolve your screen to your desktop, and plug your phone in. Hopefully, you’ll see that your computer is recognizing a USB device.

Grant any relevant permissions asked by your phone and wait a couple of minutes to see if a charge current starts going.

5. Check Your Charger Port

A great many iPhone charging problem cases have been caused by faulty charging ports. While issues that can plague a bad port vary and may require professional diagnosis and repair, some are topical.

For example, debris in your port.

If you notice that your charging port has an inordinate amount of dust, dirt, or other debris on its connectors, try gently blowing your port out. We’d caution against using tools to clean your port as inexperienced cleaning could cause damage.

If a quick blow can take care of most of the visible problem though, give it a try and see if your fortunes reverse.

6. Force Restart

We tend to caution around force restarting iPhone devices that are low on battery and incapable of charging. Still, to rule out any software problems, take care of any business on your phone you may have (backing up your phone for example) and try restarting it.

Restart methodologies will change from iPhone model to iPhone model. For newer devices (8+), you’ll want to press and release the “volume up” button, press and release the “volume down” button, and then hold your “power” button.

Hopefully, when your phone boots back up, you’ll be able to charge it.

7. Let Your Device Sit

While it’s unlikely to make a dent at this point, after you’ve gone through all of these troubleshooting steps, you may want to plug your phone into a wall that you know works and let it sit for a half-hour. It could be that, after some time, your phone starts pulling in a charge again.

If after a half-hour that’s not the case, you’ll want to invest in professional help.

Our Team Is Standing by to Fix Your iPhone Charging Problem

Sometimes, there’s no getting around needing a professional touch when it comes to fixing phone issues. The good news is that when it comes to the dreaded iPhone charging problem, our Virginia-based team is well-versed in diagnosing, reporting, and getting phone users on their way.

At Fruit Fixed, we pride ourselves on making the device intake process simple and to that end, have an excellent repair processing tool you can find on our website that’ll walk you through intake and help guide you towards the help you need.

Don’t take our word for it though! Explore our services for yourself and if you find yourself in need of additional guidance, contact our team today! They’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you booked for a consult.

iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Near Me: Understanding Your Options

If you’re like most people, you rely a great deal on your iPhone. Whether you use it for taking pictures, communicating with co-workers, or surfing the internet, your phone is a necessary tool in life. 

That’s why when you drop it, it feels like the world has gone into slow motion. You can see the phone falling, but you can’t move in time to save it. Once it smacks the ground, you see the worst has happened. Sure enough, the screen cracked.

Immediately, you search “iPhone cracked screen repair near me”, but the search isn’t helpful. Now you must face the fateful question: “What do I do?”

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll break down your options on what to do with your cracked screen. Read on to learn more!

Why Do iPhone Cracked Screens Happen So Easily?

Before we launch into ways to handle your cracked screen, let’s discuss why it is that screens are so easy to crack. After all, phones cost a lot of money. Why are you paying so much for such a vulnerable device? 

The reason screens can break easily is due to a compromise between consumer desires. Essentially, consumers want several things from their product. They want it to be light and easy to use, look stylish and slim, and be practically indestructible.

As you can imagine, it’s difficult for manufacturers to achieve all three of these. Instead, they often focus on the first two goals and a little bit on the third. To make a stylish and slim phone, however, they have to use thin glass with very little protection.

In many cases, they support that glass with a durable backing for the phone, which is why dropping your phone on its back is not half so damaging.

Assess the Damage

When your phone screen cracks, it’s imperative that you assess the damage immediately. Lay the screen on a flat surface and check the glass; make sure it’s not falling out or likely to fall from the phone. You don’t want to cut yourself by using your phone or stuffing it in your pocket.

If the glass seems like it’s in functional shape, examine other parts of the screen. Do you notice any dark spots or blurry points? Do the touchscreen capabilities still work? Does your phone still produce a display, or is it completely black?

If the damage is purely cosmetic, there’s a chance you can fix an iPhone cracked screen yourself. All you would need are the tools to remove the current screen and install the replacement one.

However, if you notice the other problems, like your touchscreen not working, you’re not only dealing with broken glass, but a broken LCD screen. 

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Your LCD is the part of your phone responsible for all the touchscreen and display functions. If this part breaks, you’re looking at a pricey repair that you shouldn’t try to handle yourself. 

Temporary Solutions

In many cases, when people discover they’ve dropped their phones, they try to hold out until they can upgrade to a new model. If you’ve only cracked the glass and your phone is still functional, this may be the way you’d like to go.

If so, your primary concern is making sure you don’t damage the screen again. You also want to protect yourself from falling glass. To do this, you can take a really affordable option and spread packing tape over the screen.

Packing tape is thin enough to allow you to use the touchscreen. However, it’s durable enough to hold the glass in place. The slightly pricier option is to get a screen protector and case to protect your phone until you upgrade.

If you’re not in the mood to hold out until you can change phones, then you’ll probably want a long-term repair. Unless you can DIY projects really well, it’s best to hand this work to professionals.

How Much to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

To determine how much it will cost to fix your iPhone screen, it’s often easiest to check Apple’s website. However, you can generally expect that the older your phone model is, the cheaper it will be to repair.

Another factor that plays into cost is whether you are outside your warranty. If your protection is still in effect and covers your phone’s damage, that can save you significant amounts of money. 

If you go outside of Apple, you can find a variety of deals. Some places offer price matches and low-price guarantees. However, before you get excited about saving a buck, make sure they’re qualified to repair your iPhone.

Make Sure that “iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Near Me” is Certified

Apple only supports repairs that use genuine Apple parts in restoring their phones. So, when you search “iPhone screen repair near me,” one way to narrow down the search is to determine which places are Apple-certified. 

To become Apple-certified or Apple-authorized for repairs is a process. The most crucial step in this system is passing their exam. Businesses take this exam through the online Authorized Testing Center.

These exams charge a fee. However, if you’re already an authorized business, you can have the fee waived. A business’ Apple certification requires annual updating. This update occurs on a per-product basis.

All of this is to say that Apple-certified repairs know their material when it comes to Apple products. You can rest assured that your phone is in good hands with such businesses.

Find a Location Today

As you can see, there are a lot of options open to you if you need to fix cracked iPhone screens. We hope that reading this article has given you all the tips you need to narrow down your search for repairs.

If you need screen repairs you can trust, then quit searching “iPhone cracked screen repair near me” today! Find one of our locations and trust us to repair your phone. 

How To Choose the Best (and Cheapest) iPhone Repair Near Me

It’s the moment every smartphone user dreads: a broken cell phone. You drop your phone and hold your breath before turning it over. Unfortunately, you discover exactly what you didn’t want to find: a broken screen. Now you’re left with a phone in need of repair, but you’re not sure where to go. You need to know how to choose the best iPhone repair near you. You want to avoid high prices and low-quality parts and find a repair shop with excellent service.

If you’ve been conducting searches for “iPhone repair near me,” then we’re here to help. Continue reading below for a list of several steps to take to ensure you choose a trusted local iPhone repair in Virginia! 

Do Your Research

The first thing you should do is research your options. Your research can start on the computer or by word of mouth. Take some time to look up what your different options are in your area. 

You can then turn to friends, co-workers, and family members to ask for their advice. They’ll be able to tell you a few repair shops where they left a happy customer and some other shops that they weren’t so happy with.

Then, take this information and create a list of potential repair shops to look into. 

Pay Attention to the Business as a Whole

The next thing you want to do is pay attention to the business as a whole. What does the shop specialize in? Is it a computer repair shop that can also fix cell phones?

Is it a general repair shop with no specialties? 

To get the highest quality parts and service for your iPhone, you should find a shop that specializes in repairing iPhones. You can gather this information by checking out the repair shop’s website or calling and asking them a few questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask where they get their parts from and what the quality of their parts is like. 

Check the Quality of the Parts

Why is the quality of the spare parts used to fix your phone so important? 

When repairing an iPhone, there are several different types of spare parts available. You can find spare parts made by independent manufacturers or spare parts that come directly from Apple. 

All of the parts available on the market will perform differently and have different quality levels. This is why it’s so important to only work with a repair shop that sources parts only from high-quality suppliers.

Again, this is something you can ask the shop on the phone or research on their website. 

Look Into Their Experience

Experience is another essential aspect to look for when searching for a repair shop. Your iPhone isn’t cheap and will require a trusted repair person to fix it properly. Finding experienced technicians is a great start.

The more experience a technician has, the better their ability to spot phone issues, make quality repairs, and correct difficult hardware problems. A technician with experience is not only educated on repairing devices but on customer service as well. 

They’ve worked with many clients in the past and with many different iPhone issues. They know what to do and how to ensure you leave a happy customer. 

Ask How Long Repairs Take

How long will you be able to go without your cellphone? In today’s world, cellphones are much more than a way to communicate with close friends and family. Our cellphones are the connections to our jobs, to our daily task list, our fitness routines, and so much more. 

It’s essential that the repair shop you choose can get your phone back to you in a short period of time to prevent severely impacting your daily routine. Make sure to ask each repair shop you contact about their repair times. 

Although not all repairs are the same, and some repairs might take longer than others, they should still be able to provide you with an estimated repair time. Compare repair times before making a final decision. 

Listen to Past Customers

A great way to determine the reliability and reputation of any business is to ask past customers. If a repair shop can give you a few references to call, that’s great! If not, you can always look for reviews listed on shop websites or listed on review sites.

Read through each review carefully. Don’t always turn your head to a business over one not-so-great review, either. Be sure to read enough reviews to give yourself a good idea of what to expect when working with a specific shop. 

Compare Their Prices

The last thing you should do before deciding which repair shop to go with is to compare their prices. 

Is going with the cheapest price always the best decision? No, but factoring in all of the information listed above and then narrowing down your top 3 options by price is a great route to take.

Your Search for “iPhone Repair Near Me” Can Come to an End

If you were still searching for “iPhone repair near me” when you started reading this guide, we hope your search has now come to an end. With all of this helpful information in mind, you now know how to select the best iPhone repair shop in Virginia.

With that being said, we hope you’ll choose Fruit Fixed to help you.

Click here to find the nearest location to you and select the type of phone-repair service you need. We’re here to provide you with quality phone repair using our experience and commitment to excellence!

How Much Does an iPhone Repair Cost?

Are you tired of attempting to read text messages and emails through your iPhone’s cracked screen? Are you in desperate need of an iPhone repair, but unsure of where to turn for help? If so, then you need to learn all you can about the iPhone repair cost you should expect.

The price of the repair will depend on what needs to be fixed. Some repairs require less work to fix, while others can take several hours to perform. You want to make sure that you’re using the right iPhone repair service.

See below for an in-depth guide on the cost of iPhone repairs, as well as how to find the right repair service for your needs.

How Much Does an iPhone Repair Cost?

If you’re experiencing a setback with your iPhone, then you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Before that, you might be interested in seeing how much your repair will cost.

An iPhone repair cost in Charlottesville can vary considerable depending on factors such as:

  • The device that needs to be fixed– In this case, it’s a smartphone.
  • The type of smartphone– iPhone, Samsung, Google, Motorola, etc.
  • The version of the iPhone– iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and so on.
  • The repair that you need to be performed– Screen repair, battery issues, internal issues, or something else.

Other factors could contribute to it, depending on the company that you reach out to. At Fruit Fixed, we’re happy to help in any way that we can!

You can start your iPhone repair by getting a quote using our smartphone repair page. After only a few clicks, you’ll receive the quote that you’re looking for.

We have locations in Charlottesville, Carytown, Colonial Heights, Short Pump, Chester, Virginia Beach, Midlothian Westchester Commons.

What to Look For in a Phone Repair Service

Far too many iPhone users make the mistake of investing in a repair “service” because it’s the cheapest price they’ve found. However, you risk getting exactly what you pay for: a cheap service. That means the results won’t be up to your standards.

When looking at iPhone repair costs, look for the highest return on your investment. That doesn’t mean you have to spend top dollar for your repairs. It simply means to understand the phone repair service that you’re leaving your iPhone in the hands of. Here’s what to look for in an iPhone repair service.

Quick and Efficient Turnaround

Your smartphone is an essential piece of your everyday life. It holds your contacts, essential apps, bank information, emails, and so forth. You need it repaired, but you need it repaired fast

Because of that, you need to find an iPhone repair service that can back up their big talk. Do they give you a time estimate for when you can expect the repair to be done? At Fruit Fixed, most of our repairs are done within 30 minutes or less. Your problems are fixed in less than an hour.

Ask any iPhone repair service that you speak to for a definitive time range. If they try to beat around the bush, then hang up or walk out. They aren’t worth your time.

High-Quality Replacement Parts

There are two types of iPhone repair services out there. Those that are in it for the money, and those that genuinely care about their customers.

If you want to distinguish one from the other, take a look at the parts that they use to repair your iPhone. If they truly care, they’ll invest in high-quality parts. If they’re in it for the money, they will use parts of poor quality to create higher profit margins for themselves.

At Fruit Fixed, we’re proud of the high-quality parts that we use. While it might cost more on our end to do it that way, it helps us ensure optimal repairs for our clientele, such as yourself.

Customer Service

Reach out to any repair shop you’re considering by phone. Ask the employee that picks up as many questions as you can about your iPhone repair. 

Do they seem knowledgeable on the subject? Are they able to troubleshoot the problem by asking certain questions? Are they polite and helpful or do they seem irritated by your questions?

You should always be the top priority. If you want more intel on the service’s customer support, then look at the online reviews. Previous customers of the service will be brutally honest about the customer service they received, and whether they recommend it to others or not.

Experienced Technicians

Lastly, you want to make sure the people fixing your iPhone know what they’re doing. If not, then it might do more harm than good.

At Fruit Fixed, all of our technicians are trained and experienced in fixing devices of all kinds. More importantly, they can answer any questions you have and pinpoint the root of the problem right away. 

Are you curious about our process for the repair you need? No problem! Our technicians have performed these repairs countless times and can paint a clearer picture for you.

Find the Right iPhone Repair Company for Your Needs

Now that you have seen the factors that determine an iPhone repair cost and how to get an accurate quote online, be sure to use it to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article answering the common question of “how do I reinstall iOS on my iPhone?”. It’s a quick fix, and this article will guide you through it.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out to one of our many locations and we will be happy to assist you further.